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Sonya Kudei Interview (a very long one!)

“I call it the ‘bulldozer method.’ Basically, I start with an idea, and then I proceed to build a draft upon this idea. Once I’ve got a semblance of a draft, I go through it and, if it isn’t true to the idea, I tear it down and start all over, reusing only the worthy fragments from the old draft. Then I go through the whole process again, and tear everything down again if necessary. And so on. I am completely unsentimental, and thus capable of destroying anything. When I was working on Black Queen, White City, I bulldozed some of my favorite scenes, characters, and even whole storylines simply because they were not perfectly aligned with the idea.”

The Hufflepuff Nerdette blog
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The Black Queen, An Unlikely Literary Inspiration (Guest Post)

“Not long after finishing elementary school, I relocated from this particular unglamorous part of Zagreb to another, equally unglamorous part of the city, and it was as if this move wiped out all my memories of the strange game and the terrifying Black Queen.”

Fantasy Books 411
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Author Interview with Sonya Kudei (Writer Wednesday)

“What did I not edit out? I edited out whole storylines, including some of my favorite scenes and even a few characters. The rough draft of Black Queen, White City was a messy, bloated 160,000-word monstrosity that would have made an average Victorian novelist proud.”

Fantasy Books 411
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Tramway to the Stars: A book review of Black Queen White City, a novel by Sonya Kudei

“Black Queen, White City is positively cinematic…the novel is undeniably the product of an immensely fertile imagination brimming with confidence. Rather like the superhero films of today, different people will enjoy different aspects.”

Jack Messenger, author and book reviewer
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Imaginative and absorbing

“Part science fiction, part mystery, part history, with dashes of philosophical and existential musings tossed in, plus tons of humor, this wonderful book is best read slowly, so as not to miss any detail. This epic tale is pretty much unlike anything I’ve read before. Highly recommended!”

Amazon reviewer